Launer Lady

Margaret Thatcher's Favorite Handbags Selling Like Hotcakes


Much has been written about the late Baroness Margaret Thatcher’s affinity for handbags. But the former prime minister, who was laid to rest Wednesday, has now posthumously affected sales for her favorite purse brand.

The Telegraph reports that in the wake of Thatcher’s death, British handbag brand Launer has experienced a 53 percent spike in the sales of its Bellini and Adagio styles—the Iron Lady’s preferred shapes. The brand unsurprisingly experienced its biggest surge on the morning of Thatcher’s funeral and the evening of her passing.

Launer, also a favorite of Queen Elizabeth II’s, experienced a similar spike during the current monarch’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations. But while that 58 percent increase caused Launer’s website to crash, The Telegraph writes that those “orders were largely from and international clientele, whereas over 75 percent of sales in response to Thatcher’s death have been domestic.”