‘Marginal’ 7-Year-Old Was Shocked, Glad to Speak with Trump

A seven-year-old girl from South Carolina made headlines after President Trump suggested Monday that she learn the truth about Santa Claus. “Because at seven it's marginal, right?” he asked Collman Lloyd when she said she still believed in the mythical gift-giver. She wasn’t bothered by the president’s question, and was glad to be speaking to him, she told The Post and Courier. “I was like, ‘wow.’ I was shocked,” she said. “It wasn’t really (nerve-wracking), I just had to think of what the truth was.” Lloyd told the newspaper she didn’t know what the word “marginal” meant. She was put on the phone with Trump after calling the North American Aerospace Defense Command to find out where Santa was. The agency has been tracking Santa’s location for 63 years.