Marine Vet Accused of Storming North Korea Embassy in Spain Denied Bail

A former U.S. Marine who allegedly took part in a violent break-in at the North Korean embassy in Madrid has been ordered to remain in U.S. custody ahead of a possible extradition to Spain. Christopher Philip Ahn, 38, was arrested by federal agents in Los Angeles last week. Spain is seeking his extradition on charges that he was among a group of seven who stormed the North Korean embassy in late February with machetes and fake guns, then tied up and physically beat some embassy staff. Spanish officials believe the robbers are part of the so-called Cheollima Civil Defense group which wants to overthrow North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The robbers allegedly took computers, memory drives and a cell phone. North Korea's government condemned the incident as a “grave terrorist attack” and pushed rumors that the FBI was behind the raid. The U.S. State Department has said Washington had nothing to do with it.