Lucky Day

Mariners Stranded on Deserted Island Saved After 'SOS' in Sand

Two mariners who'd been stranded on an uninhabited island for a week were saved Friday after the U.S. Navy saw the "S.O.S." they wrote in the sand. After seeing the message on the beach of a Micronesia island, the Navy alerted the U.S. Coast Guard in Guam, which promptly sent rescuers to Chuuk State island, where they were stuck. The mariners went missing on Aug. 19, after departing from Weno Island to Tamatam Island. The pair was reported missing and search and rescue teams spent the next seven days scouring 16,571 square miles of land, but the Coast Guard only located them thanks to their desperate message. The mariners survived the ordeal with "limited supplies and no emergency equipment on board" the 18-foot vessel. The names of the two mariners have not yet been released.