Marines Under Investigation for Nude Photo Sharing

Members of the U.S. Marines Corps are being investigated for allegedly sharing naked photos of female service members, veterans, and other women in a closed group on Facebook. Some of the photographs were taken without the women’s knowledge before being shared to 30,000 members of the group, the Associated Press reported, citing internal Corps documents on the investigation. Photos were also shared through a Google Drive link, according to the report. The photos have been taken down from the Facebook group, which includes retired and active-duty male Marines, Navy, and members of the British Royal Marines among its members. The Naval Criminal Investigative Service is now investigating the matter “in support of two individuals affected by postings,” the AP report said. The story was first reported by the Center for Investigative Reporting, which said more than two dozen women were identified by their rank, name, and location in the photographs. A Marine spokesman confirmed the scandal in comments cited by the AP, thanking Marine veteran Thomas Brennan for sounding the alarm over the Facebook group. “It allowed us to take immediate action to have the explicit photos taken down and to prepare to support potential victims,” Marine Corps spokesman Capt. Ryan E. Alvis said. No details have been disclosed on how many Marines are under investigation.