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Mario Balotelli, Brandi Chastain, David Beckham, and More Shirtless Athletes

No matter who wins the final game of the Eurocup on Sunday, one thing’s for sure: there’ll be plenty of players ripping off their shirts.

Mario Balotelli’s Winning Bare Chest

When Spain plays Italy at the Eurocup on Sunday, it’ll have a lot more than Mario Balotelli’s mean kick to contend with. In a match against Germany, the Italian footballer celebrated a goal by showing his rock-hard physique, just in time for the team to bring it in.

Brandi Chastain’s World Cup-Worthy Abs

The soccer player has got to be one of the speediest shirt rippers. In the wake of her Women’s World Cup winning goal—a penalty shot, no less—Brandi Chastain threw her shirt over her head before falling to her knees. Watch the player recall the 1999 game and her iconic moment.

Novak Djokovic’s Victory Shirt Rip

This is how it’s done. After beating Rafael Nadal at the 2012 Australian Open, Novak Djokovic tore his shirt off à la the Incredible Hulk before making a victory lap around the court. The topless celebration wasn’t complete without a scream, for good measure.

Bare It Like Beckham

Whether it’s in a Burger King commercial or on the field, no one bares it like David Beckham. After helping to qualify his team for the 2012 World Cup, Becks gifted his jersey to a fan in the stands—while another got up close and personal with a camera to catch the partial nudity.

Rafael Nadal’s T-Shirt Tease

What’s a shirtless list without Rafa? At Wimbledon in 2011, the tennis star bared all for the crowd—and didn’t stop. After throwing all of his gear into the stands, Nadal stood shirtless on the court, apparently in no rush to cover up. The announcer says it all: “He’s milking it and I would, too.”