Mark Cuban Open to Helping Clinton With Debate Prep

Following a New York Times report that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was considering various people, including billionaire Mark Cuban, to play Donald Trump in mock-debate preparation, the Dallas Mavericks owner told The Daily Beast that he would be open to the opportunity. “If I could schedule it, sure,” Cuban said in an email exchange. He noted, however, that he hasn’t been officially asked to participate yet. In July, Cuban made a public appearance on Clinton’s behalf in Pennyslvania and continues to hammer Trump in various interviews and on Twitter. When asked if Clinton should go after Trump’s insecurities in the debate, Cuban suggested that she let Trump just dig his own grave. “He doesn’t think he has any [insecurities] and neither do his supporters,” Cuban said. “I would be professional, be personable, and not try to duel with him. Answer the moderators’ questions and let him bury himself.”

Gideon Resnick