Mark Zuckerberg Sued Again

Not a good day to be a boy wonder: Paul Ceglia, the man who sued Mark Zuckerberg last July claiming the Facebook founder had agreed to give him 50 percent ownership in 2003, has just produced a series of emails in which he and Zuckerberg allegedly discuss the project together. The original suit was dismissed as a fabrication because Ceglia took seven years to file it and he was a convicted felon. The new emails said to be between Zuckerberg and Ceglia discuss their two original projects—Ceglia's "StreetFax" and Zuckerberg's "the face book"—and provide proof of payment in which Ceglia funded the Facebook project and the collaborative launch of the site. Zuckerberg then writes to Ceglia that the new Facebook site is floundering, that he's thinking of shutting it down, and offers to send Ceglia his $2,000 of funding back. These emails were suspiciously sent right before Zuckerberg moved to California and the site immediately took off. In response to Ceglia's new suit, Facebook has maintained that the emails—like the original suit—are fake and that Ceglia is a "con artist" and "convicted felon."