Massachusetts Beauty Queen Turns in Crown After Emcee’s Crude #MeToo Joke

A contender for Miss Massachusetts took herself out of the running after an emcee blamed the #MeToo movement for the removal of the swimsuit competition during an onstage comedy sketch, according to the Boston Globe. Maude Gorman, who won Miss Massachusetts World in 2015 and is an outspoken survivor of sexual assault, told the Globe that the emcee’s skit “was heartbreaking to hear,” and that “in that moment, everything collapsed right in front of me.” She resigned three days later. The Massachusetts chapter of the Miss America organization apologized via Facebook post, offering its “sincere and heartfelt apology for those offended by Saturday night’s skit” and promising to review future planned content with emcees before the pageants begin. The Globe reports that pageants allowed Gorman to regain self-confidence after her assault—but now that she has left it behind, she said that she will continue to advocate for other survivors. “Walking way from this title is hard, but I was able to do so much good through that,” she said. “I look forward to see what else the world can offer.”