Great Power

Mayor Bloomberg, Spider-Man Team Up

With great power comes great responsibility, as the famous movie line goes—and New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg seems to be heeding its wisdom. His latest project? Teaming up with comic superhero Spider-Man to fight unemployment. In an eight-page comic that ran in the New York Daily News called “Spider-Man, You’re Hired!”, Bloomberg meets Peter Parker, Spider-Man’s alter ego, on the subway and helps him find a job. Bloomberg joked that the artists nailed his “rugged good looks” at a promotion at a Manhattan comic book store, where he appeared with a man in the famous superhero’s costume. The comic aims to attract unemployed New Yorkers to one of the city’s nine Workforce 1 Career Centers, which help with job training and placement programs. New York City has 9.3 percent unemployment, compared with 9.6 nationwide. The comic is also available for download on iTunes via the Marvel Comics app.