2016 Warmup?

McAuliffe Practice For Hillary?

The chairman of the Republican Party of Virginia said Tuesday night that Terry McAuliffe's gubernatorial run was just a warmup for 2016

In election night remarks just after polls closed, Pat Mullins, the chair of the Republican Party of Virginia, claimed that Terry McAuliffe's campaign was "really designed to elect Hillary Clinton in 2016" and just a practice run for the blueprint that Democrats would use in that state.

Mullins took the stage in a mostly empty hotel ballroom to share some personal thoughts, saying that he'd save the "ra ra speech" for later but wanted to get something off his chest. He immediately accused Democrats of running "the dirtiest, most devisive, most despicable campaign" he had ever seen and railed at the outside money coming in from "Planned Parenthood, the unions and Mayor Bloomberg." Mullins also noted contemptously that the zip code from which McAuliffe had raised the most money was 90210.

McAuliffe is a longtime Clinton ally and both Bill Clinton and Hillary Clinton have campaigned on his behalf.