On the Stump

McCain Hopes for Boost From Palin

Stiff competition in Arizona’s Republican primary means Sen. John McCain can’t take any vote for granted. So Friday and Saturday he’ll be joined on the trail by former running mate Sarah Palin in an attempt to stoke up enthusiasm among the GOP base and Tea Party base activists. As Arizona suffers a budget deficit so intense that it faces 911 service cuts and is booting children off state insurance rolls, rival J.D. Hayworth, the former congressman-turned-radio-host, is making direct attacks on McCain’s usual strengths. Hayworth is taking the traits that catapulted McCain to national prominence—his ambition, his maverick-ness, and his willingness to work with Democrats on climate change and immigration—and using them against him. "For the better part of a decade, with his pursuit of national office, Arizona went on a back burner," Hayworth says, adding, "I think voters in the Republican primary are looking for a consistent conservative and someone who will be a United States senator for Arizona and not just from Arizona."