McConnell Wants ‘Less Drama’ From Trump

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said on Tuesday that he would like to see "less drama" from President Trump and the White House, as well as an "apolitical" choice for the new FBI director. "I think it would be helpful if the president spent more time on things we’re trying to accomplish and less time on other things," McConnell told Bloomberg News. The Kentucky Republican's interviewed published just hours after President Trump admitted to sharing information with high-level Russian officials in the Oval Office. McConnell said he has mentioned President Obama’s former Supreme Court nominee Merrick Garland as a replacement for James Comey. "I think the most important thing is for the president to pick somebody who’s apolitical, who clearly has a deep law enforcement background," McConnell said. Somebody like Garland, a former prosecutor, would "create a kind of wow factor that the president fully understands the role of the FBI director," McConnell said.