Medvedev Vows Punishment

Russian President Dmitry Medvedev vowed Monday to find and punish those responsible for the Moscow airport bombing that killed 35 and wounded more than 100. "After previous similar events, we passed appropriate legislation, and we have to check how it has been applied," Medvedev said. The Russian president vowed to investigate “lapses” in this legislation. Unnamed officials said three suspects are being sought for the attack, and police have hinted that the bombing may be linked to the North Caucasus region, Russia’s most volatile region. Medvedev has beefed up security at airports and other transit hubs, after a series of similar attacks throughout the region in the past few years. But despite these assurances, Medvedev—like Vladimir Putin before him—has been unable to find a solution to North Caucasus’ conflict, as well as the region’s corruption and poverty.