Men Who Wear Pantyhose

Today’s inspired (and, we have to say, quite unique) rant comes to us from the London Times’ Carol Midgley. Midgley’s beef is with men who have blithely appropriated women’s fashion. Case in point: “mantyhose”—aka, male pantyhose—which follows closely on the heels of other woman-to-man items such as manbags, guyliner, and manscara. (No word on exactly who is wearing this stuff, but we’ll take Midgley’s word for it.) Midgley points out that wearing pantyhose is “one of the very worst things about being a woman. … [I]f you don’t mind an itchy crackle-fest around your nether regions, then please be my guest. Oh, and don’t expect your tights to be much of a chick-magnet.” We should think not.