Merkel Fails as ‘Phone-a-Friend’

She may be able to save the euro, but German Chancellor Angela Merkel totally fails when it comes to gameshows. When pal and political ally Wolfgang Bosbach appeared on Germany’s version of Who Wants to be a Millionaire, he called Merkel to help him answer a question about East German washing machines worth €500,000. Merkel famously grew up in East Germany and was a smart choice for a phone-a-friend—until she failed to pick up not once but twice. Bosbach eventually walked away because Merkel was not available to help him, winning €125,000 ($170,250). Merkel apparently texted him afterward “I couldn’t pick up. What’s the matter?” With all due respect, considering Merkel’s previous encounters with the NSA, it’s no wonder she’s selective about her phone calls.