Meteorologist Blasts ‘Bachelorette’ Fans During Ohio Tornado

An Ohio weatherman went ballistic Monday night when viewers kept complaining that the station cut into The Bachelorette for coverage of deadly tornados. Fox 45 meteorologist Jamie Simpson made it clear on live television that he thought their priorities were way out of whack. “We have viewers complaining already, ‘Just go back to the show.’ No! We’re not going back to the show, folks! This is a dangerous situation, OK? Think about this if it was your neighborhood. I’m sick and tired of people complaining about this. Our job here is to keep people safe, and that is what we’re going to do. Some of you complained that this is all about my ego. Stop! OK, just stop right now! It’s not! I’m done with you people. I really am. This is pathetic. It’s a dangerous situation here.” Simpson later apologized for the outburst but still maintained the complainers were “ridiculous.”