Michael Steele's Greatest Moments, from Fox News to Meet the Press

He may have been ousted from the RNC, but these moments will stay with us forever. From comparing health-care reform to Armageddon to claiming he was appointed chairman by God, watch six of Michael Steele's most cringe-worthy moments.

An “ Off the Hook” Chairman?

Soon after becoming the RNC chairman, Michael Steele promised to give the committee a hip-hop makeover. Unfortunately, not everyone shared his vision, and faster than you can say “slum love”—a phrase one particularly colorful interviewer asked him about—he began his foray into TV and radio gaffes. “For those of you who wish to obstruct, get ready to get knocked over,” he promised.

Steele Credits God for His RNC Position

Famous last words: In 2010, Steele defended himself against conservative critics who took aim at the then-RNC chairman for controversial remarks about his party during his book tour. He wasn’t too concerned, though, because he was apparently appointed RNC chairman by God, or so he told the Christian Broadcasting Network.

Steele: I'm the Cow

Steele says the darndest things: A cow might not come to mind as a particularly fierce animal, but while discussing health-care reform on Fox in 2009, Steele employed some vivid metaphors. He said he wished for a "Rodney King moment" to bring Democrats and Republicans together, and said, "I'm the cow on the tracks," hoping to block the Obama reform train.

Say Hello to Armageddon

Who wants a “sour piece of ice cream”? If so, say yes to health care: Before the heath-care vote, many GOP opponents warned that we'd see "Armageddon" and other terrifying visages if the bill passed. But was it really the impending end of the world? According to Steele, who talked about it to Shep Smith: Yes, yes, it was.

“Put Up or Shut Up”

He’s not going to take it anymore! On Meet the Press in October, Steele said he was tired of Democrats talking about shady sources funding GOP campaigns, and stated his opinion clearly: “I know we don’t take it, and I suspect those organizations out there, 527s know what the law is and are complying with the law. So if you have evidence to the contrary, produce it. Otherwise put up or shut up.” So there.

Get Over the Probe

Steele continued his use of colorful metaphors in an interview with Fox News in 2009 about the Obama administration’s decision to investigate the CIA. The “boogeyman” President Bush is gone, so “get over it,” he said. Watch Steele give the administration one interesting pep talk.