Woven Paint

Michelle Forsyth at Mulherin Pollard is the Daily Pic by Blake Gopnik

The Daily Pic: An artist imagines her paintings are woven.

Grey stripe 006” is a very recent painting by Michelle Forsyth, now showing at Mulherin+Pollard gallery in New York. As is pretty clear, Forsyth, though trained in fine art, recently began to do weavings as well. (She cites the influence of Anni Albers). Though some of Forsyth’s new paintings are actual weaving diagrams, this one is more an impression of loomwork than a recipe for it. What I like is how the over-and-under principles of weaving seem to have been transferred direct to painting, as though the mechanisms of one craft could be used in another. They can’t – stripes of paint can only cross, they can’t interweave – but the attempt, and failure, interest me, as a late-in-the-day revival of systemic painting.

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