Michelle Obama: Supreme Court Decision ‘Truly a Victory’

At a fundraiser in Memphis, the first lady celebrated the news.

First lady Michelle Obama was in Memphis for a campaign fundraiser at the Memphis Cook Convention Center just a few hours after Thursday's landmark Supreme Court health-care ruling. Addressing nearly 300 people, who paid upward of $500 per seat to attend, she spoke for about half an hour.

In a fairly typical stump speech, she talked about her upbringing in Chicago, before moving to the day’s political heat: “Today’s Supreme Court decision was truly a victory for families all across this country,” she said. “Because of this reform, [we need to] help them understand that insurance companies will have to cover preventative care for things like contraception, cancer screening, prenatal care.” She continued: “Insurance companies will no longer be able to cap your coverage … [or] deny you coverage just because you have a preexisting condition.”

At the end of her speech, she asked supporters to “multiply.”