Michigan 9-Year-Old Charged With Murder in Mother’s Death

A Michigan 9-year-old was charged with murder on Wednesday after his mother was shot dead in their home earlier this week, local news station WWMT reports. St. Joseph County court records reportedly say Pauline Randol was shot and killed in her home by a rifle early Monday morning, and her son has been charged with “one count of open murder and and one count of felony firearm.” St. Joseph County Sheriff Bradley Balk reportedly said the child was undergoing psychiatric evaluations at a juvenile facility to determine his state of mind. A neighbor told the station the child was a second grader at Congress Elementary School in Sturgis, and a parent of his classmate claimed the child threatened her daughter last year. “He told her that he wanted to get a knife and stab her and watch her die, and watch her mother cry,” the mother, Alecia Pieronski, said. Sturgis Public Schools Superintendent Arthur Ebert said the school district was “limited in what we can share due to privacy laws and the sensitive nature of this tragedy.”