Millionaire Guilty of Second-Degree Murder

It took the jury two days to determine a guilty verdict for millionaire Florida real-estate developer Bob Ward, who was accused of shooting his wife, Diane, in 2009. Ward, 63, was charged with second-degree murder and could face life in prison. Ward had told authorities that the shooting was an accident. His attorneys in turn argued that Diane was suicidal and taking anti-anxiety medication the day she died, and that Ward tried to wrestle the gun from her grasp before it accidentally went off 18 inches from her face. A medical examiner testified that the shooting could not have been an accident and that the gun was too far away to be a suicide. On the first day of the trial, Ward's daughter testified that the couple had "a relationship built on respect, and they loved each other so much." The murder happened just a few short days before Diane was to give a deposition in a lawsuit claiming Ward threw away millions of dollars on material things while his business was suffering. Prosecutors claimed Ward was financially motivated to murder his wife.