Minnesota Twins Photographer Accuses Baseball Player Miguel Sano of Sexual Assault

Betsy Bissen, a photographer who works with the Minnesota Twins, accused star player Miguel Sano of sexual assault. Bissen posted her story on Twitter on Thursday, saying the third baseman allegedly tried to flirt with her during an autograph session at a mall and then grabbed her on his way to an Apple store. Bissen said she went with him because she “didn’t want to cause a scene.” Thirty minutes later, Sano allegedly tried to pull her into the bathroom with him. “It hurt, how badly he was grasping at my wrist, but he wouldn't let go...He then leaned down and tried to kiss me, more than once,” she wrote. “I screamed, no one came to help me...I don’t even want to think of what he may have done, had he got me through that door. No, he didn’t rape me, but he sure did assault me. When I said no, it should have been the end of it.” The Twins said in a statement it takes the allegations seriously.