Mitt Romney: I Like to Fire People

If Mitt Romney is trying to rebuff accusations that he was a job-killing CEO at Bain Capital, declaring that he likes “being able to fire people” probably isn’t the best move. Romney made the statement Monday to a group of business executives from the Nashua Greater Chamber of Commerce in New Hampshire when questioned on what type of health-care system he’d implement as president. The former Massachusetts governor argued that people should be able to choose their own insurance plans apart from their employers and be able to fire them. Just a day earlier he attempted to prove he’s not the ruthless executive Democrats and fellow Republicans are making him out to be by telling New Hampshire voters that he understands fearing a “pink slip.” Romney has since urged people not to take his "I like to be able to fire people" comment out of context. "In politics, people are going to grasp at anything," he said about the instant attention attracted by his quote.