Mitt Romney Spokesman, David Axelrod Spar on Twitter

And some people thought Twitter wars were only for Lindsay Lohan and James Franco. President Obama’s senior adviser David Axelrod and Mitt Romney’s spokesman Eric Fehrnstorm spent Wednesday trading Twitter barbs over health care. Fehrnstorm kicked things off Wednesday morning by tweeting “I wonder if @davidaxelrod will praise Romney’s proposed executive order issuing Obamacare waivers in all 50 states?” Axelrod fired back, saying he was not going to comment and then wrote: “@EricFehrn I still admire what he did in MA on health care, though. In many ways, a model for the nation!” Rather than respond directly to this tweet, Fehrnstorm wrote back “@davidaxelrod if you want to get health insurance to more people, try giving them a job. 14m unemployed is a disgrace.”