Explain this to me?

Mitt's Binders Full of Affirmative Action

A mea culpa: Yesterday's post on how only Mitt Romney could make liberals bash affirmative action did not mention that his story was, in classic Mitt fashion, not exactly accurate. I took for granted that most of the readers on this blog would already be familiar with this, but I should not have done so. My apologies, and here's a link to the definitive piece on the subject.

Now, to the fun part.

Enjoy this video of New York Mag's Jonathan Chait explaining the vapidity of the "binders full of women" meme.

And let me again describe why I find the whole fake controversy so amusing. Mitt gave away the game on affirmative action on Tuesday evening by saying that there are a lot of qualified people out there who don't get noticed enough, and that a concerted effort needs to be made to identify them (yes, even put their resumes in a binder) and get them hired.

In less than a minute, Mitt demolished three decades of conservative arguments on the subject, again demonstrating why he's a pragmatist instead of the "severe conservative" front he put up during the primaries. This was an argument that began and finished on a liberal premise, and such an approach is key to shattering the glass ceiling encountered by scores of successful women across this country.

Yet people lost their marbles at such a thought.

As I said yesterday, that's really funny. It remains funny today.