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Mofaz Joins Coalition

"I would give the 18th Knesset a failed grade. Every day of its activity was a danger to democracy."

--Arab MK Ahmed Tibi at the dispersal of the 18th Knesset.

In a stunning political maneuver, Israeli Prime Minister Binymain Netanyahu formed a unity government with the opposition party Kadima and rid himself of the threat of a far right-wing takeover of Likud. However, that story did not make it onto the front page of Israeli newspapers this morning—€”with the exception of Israel Hayom€—because the deal was done at 2:30AM. Only Israel Hayom, the pro-Netanyahu tabloid that is distributed for free and paid for the prime minister's billionaire supporter Sheldon Adelson, had news of the unity government formed after midnight.

  • Knesset panel passes benefits for West Bank settlements - Opponents say Likud bill tailored for West Bank settlements; proponents insist it can help Arab settlement, too. (Haaretz)
  • Abbas lifts ban on critical websites - Order was Palestinian president's first public acknowledgment of controversy that erupted after Ma'an revealed his attorney general was forcing private Internet companies to block access to websites loyal to his rival Muhammad Dahlan. (Maan)
  • Activists mock Syria elections in online videos (Agencies, Haaretz)For the full News from Israel.