Money Gap in GOP Field

Campaign-finance reports show clear leaders in terms of fundraising for the GOP field. Mitt Romney brought in roughly $14 million in campaign contributions between July and September, while Rick Perry raised about $17 million since he launched his bid. Newt Gingrich, Jon Huntsman, and Michele Bachmann each have serious debts, with Newt Gingrich owing more than $1.1 million. Herman Cain raised $2.8 million, but said that contributions have quadrupled since Oct. 1. Those who are running out of money will soon face difficulties, especially with the newly condensed early primary schedule. One expert said, "If it was just Iowa and New Hampshire, you could get by with less," he said. "If it starts including Florida and Nevada, and who knows what else might happen, that just ratchets up the amount of dollars you'll need." Meanwhile, Barack Obama raised more than $70 million, and he does not need to spend it until later because he faces no primary opponent.