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More Nude Vanessa Hudgens Photos

Someone needs to take Vanessa Hudgens' digital camera away. The High School Musical alum and Zac Efron girlfriend is in the middle of yet another nude photo scandal—her second in two years. Though Hudgens is now of legal age, the New York Daily News reports that she is said to be a mere seventeen in the topless photos making their way through gossip sites like Perez Hilton and appear to be self-portraits. Last time Hudgens' nude self-portraits found their way into the public eye, she apologized to her fans and said she was "embarrassed." This time, she appears to be playing it cool; word is she'll skip the apology rigamarole and focus on her acting. Next week's Bandslam should be good wholesome fun, but in her next project—Zack Snyder flick Sucker Punch—she'll be back in racy situations, playing a prostitute.