Mother's Day: Most Popular Flowers

Florists are gearing up for one of their most profitable holidays of the year: Mother’s Day. The Daily Beast ranks the 13 most popular varietals for moms.

Gallery: Ranking the 13 Most Popular Flowers for Mom

Stumped on what to get mom this Mother’s Day? If the rest of America is any guide as to what moms love, flowers are definitely a safe bet. Mother’s Day accounts for nearly a quarter of holiday flower sales in the country, second only to the Christmas season, according to the Society of American Florists. While flowers in general will be a popular gift for moms come Sunday, some flowers are certainly more popular than others. To find out America’s favorite flowers, The Daily Beast crunched the numbers for three categories of the most recent yearly data available from the U.S. Department of Agriculture, with each category weighted equally:

The total number of each varietal sold at wholesale The value of those sales at wholesale The total number of growers for each varietal

It’s Daisies versus Tulips, versus Roses versus Lilies. Which varietal will reign supreme? Click here to find out.