‘Mountain Man’ Gets 10+ Years in Jail

Utah’s Troy Knapp, aka “Mountain Man,” was known for his cunning skills as a survivalist, but he was apparently relying more on his cunning skills as a burglar than anyone realized. Knapp wasn’t living off the land so much as much as unarmed cabin owners. He was sentenced Monday to 126 months in jail for 10 counts of second-degree felony burglary and using a firearm during a violent crime. Knapp spent many of the winter months in the mountains of south and central Utah stealing food and firearms from cabins. When authorities attempted to arrest him, he fired on the helicopter pilot trying to track him down, but his charge for firing on a federal officer was dropped in a plea deal. U.S. District Judge Ted Stewart seemed more than impressed when he sentenced Knapp to prison. He told him, “You obviously are a man of some intelligence and resourcefulness for you to survive how you have, and elude law enforcement as you did.”