Two Years, Basically...

Mr. Inexperienced

Mitt Romney, the most inexperienced presidential candidate in decades.

It's worth noting a fact that surprises a lot of people: Mitt Romney is the least experienced person to run for president since...whom? Ross Perot, I suppose. But it you take a major-party candidate, I think you have to go back to Thomas Dewey or something.

That's right. Romney worked in government for four years, his one term as Massachusetts governor. And he was checked out for the last two of those years, running for president. That's exactly the same as Obama--in the Senate for four years, checked out the last two. But at least Obama was a state senator for a few years.

The retort will come from our comrades on the right that his business experience matters more than governmental experience. But does it? Seems to me he's having a pretty hard time making the case that leveraging companies for 20 years is good preparation for the presidency. He is definitely an inexperienced campaigner, and it shows every week.

Still, he benefits from this presumption, even among most people who aren't voting for him, that he's well-qualified. Being a rich white man helps a lot in that department. And simply looking the part, looking like he could play a president in a movie. That's the television age for you. But the fact is, he is less experienced than Obama was.