Attorney General: Redacted Mueller Report Will Be Released by ‘Mid-April, if Not Sooner’

A redacted version of Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report will be given to Congress by “mid-April, if not sooner,” according to a letter from Attorney General William Barr. The attorney general wrote to the Senate and House Judiciary Committees that Mueller was “assisting” the Justice Department in the “required” redactions in the nearly 400-page report. “There are no plans to submit the report to the White House for a privilege review,” Barr also wrote. “Everyone will soon be able to read it on their own,” he added. “I do not believe it would be in the public interest for me to attempt to summarize the full report or release it in a serial or piecemeal fashion.”

In response, Nadler said Congress “requires the full and complete Mueller report, without redactions” and his previous April 2 deadline for the report “still stands.” Nadler also urged Barr to come testify before the House Judiciary Committee “immediately to explain the rationale behind his letter[.]”