Mueller’s Boyfriend: I Tried To Save Her

The boyfriend of Kayla Mueller, an American who died in unknown circumstances while being held by ISIS, has revealed that he tried to rescue her after escaping the same prison where she was imprisoned. Omar Alkhani said he attempted to claim the 26-year-old hostage as his wife in hopes she would be released. Mueller denied the claim in front of a high Islamic judge out of speculated fear that lying would be worse. This put Alkhani back in prison, alongside James Foley and Steven Sotloff (both of whom were later beheaded by ISIS). Two months later, he was freed again, but told to return for final judgment. Instead, he fled the region. He then contacted Mueller’s parents and lived in silence, saying he believed speaking publicly would put Mueller in further danger. Alkhani refuses to answer questions regarding if and when he spoke to U.S. authorities.