Mueller’s Office: Manafort Shows No Remorse for ‘Criminal Choices’

The Special Counsel’s Office says that Paul Manafort has shown no remorse for his tax and bank fraud crimes and doesn’t deserve a break on his sentence. In a court filing on Tuesday, prosecutors wrote that a sentencing memo submitted by Manafort’s lawyers shows “The defendant blames everyone from the Special Counsel’s Office to his Ukrainian clients for his own criminal choices.” In a previous sentencing memo, Manafort’s attorneys echoed President Trump’s “witch hunt” talking points about the Russia investigation and wrote that he was only charged because the special counsel had been “unable to establish that Mr. Manafort engaged in any such collusion” between Russia and the Trump campaign. In a memo on Tuesday, prosecutor Andrew Weissman disputed the claim and pointed out that Manafort “was being investigated by prosecutors in this district and the Criminal Division of the Department of Justice” before Robert Mueller was appointed as special counsel.