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Murdoch Hearing's 8 Best Moments

Finger pointing! Denials! Pie! Watch the 8 best moments from the Murdochs' testimony before Parliament.

‘The Most Humble Day’ of Rupert Murdoch’s Life

Damage control: Rupert and James Murdoch opened their testimony with an apology to victims and a pledge to “put things right.” James did most of the speaking about the “matter of great regret,” but it was Rupert’s single line that spoke volumes. Watch as he interrupts his son to proclaim his “most humble day.”

Murdoch: I Am Not Responsible

Blame game: Murdoch exonerated himself from any wrongdoing, saying the fiasco is actually all his staff’s fault. Pointing fingers, he stated “the people that I trusted to run it” are the ones to implicate. Watch as he defiantly dismisses himself from any responsibility with a single word.

Hearing Halted: The “Outrageous” IncidentA punch, a jump and a pile of shaving cream brought the testimony to a screeching halt. “Outrageous!” someone yelled as a heckler made his way past security in an attempt to smear mogul Murdoch in the face. (While he hasn’t been officially identified, an activist named Jonnie Marbles has claimed responsibility on Twitter.) Lucky for Murdoch, his wife, Wendi, has quick reflexes. Watch her jump to her husband’s defense, batting away the attacker.

‘Ashamed’ Murdoch RetreatsMurdoch hung his head when questioned about his decision to shutter “News of the World.” In perhaps his most human moment, he spoke of being “ashamed” and cited “broken trust” as the ultimate reason for closing the tabloid. Watch him answer to criminal charges at the paper.

Murdoch Stands By His ProtégéeIn the end, Murdoch’s deputy Rebekah Brooks just couldn’t take it anymore. Murdoch claims she was “at a point of extreme anguish” when he accepted her resignation, but refused to discuss her £3.5 million payout. Watch as he explains why he still trusts her, despite her arrest and role in the scandal as the chief executive of News International when the hacking took place.

Murdoch Manages to Slip in Expenses ScandalYou wouldn't think today would be the right day for Rupert Murdoch to lecture anyone. Guess what? He's Rupert Murdoch and he does what he wants. Here he gives Damian Collins some lofty words about the role of a free, robust investigative press and invokes—you can guess he was waiting for this opportunity—the British government's expenses scandal of 2009.

Murdoch Resigning? Not a Chance

Murdoch acknowledged his role as "captain of the ship" during the hacking scandal, but said the notion of him resigning is ludicrous. Again, he sloughed off the blame onto his staff, playing for sympathy for being "betrayed." In conclusion? "I think that frankly I'm the best person to clean this up." Well, he has quite a mess to tackle.

Brooks: We Acted 'Decisively'

Rebekah Brooks, the former chief executive of NOTW, said she was "keen" to be at the hearing, but appeared anything but. Murdoch's flame-haired protégée reiterated her boss's apologies over the hacks, calling the allegations "horrific." The embattled journalist added that when "documentary evidence" of the hacks came to light in late 2010, the senior management of the publication acted "quickly and decisively."