Hacking Scandal

Murdoch Scandal Journalist Nick Davies on What’s Next: Watch Video

Watch Nick Davies, who broke the U.K. hacking story, talk about why James Murdoch may face more trouble.

The Scandal May Spread to the United States

Nick Davies has a number of predictions, one of which may spell even bigger trouble for News Corporation and James Murdoch: that the hacking charges may spread to other British newspapers, and that possibly "Murdoch journalists operating in the United States had been doing some of the same things." Davies notes that there is a "strong suggestion" that evidence James and Rupert Murdoch gave to the House of Commons Select Committee may not have been accurate.

What the Hacking Story Is Really About

What seems like a story of journalists behaving badly, and possibly illegally, is for Davies really "a story about the power elite." Davies explains why that means more than simply the Murdochs.