Mysterious Missile Flies Off CA

A local CBS News helicopter camera caught a mysterious missile shoot across the sky off the coast of Southern California Monday night, about 35 miles out to sea north of Catalina Island. According to KCBS, the missile’s trail was visible from Los Angeles, and though the U.S. Navy is most likely the source, senior Pentagon and Navy officials are not sure who launched the missile. Local CBS station KFMB talked with a Navy spokesman who said that there was no Navy activity occurring anywhere near the incident Monday night, and it wasn’t the Navy’s missile. The Defense Department said it didn't appear to be a military missile and stressed that it wasn't alarmed. The North American Aerospace Defense Command concurred, saying, "There is no indication of any threat to our nation." Both agencies said they had no idea who launched the missile. Other government officials told NBC News that it may have been a commercial launch or an amateur device.