Navy SEALs Return to U.S.

Unfortunately, they are still anonymous, so they will not receive a public heroes' welcome. The elusive Navy SEAL team that killed Osama bin Laden returned to U.S. soil on Wednesday, arriving at Andrews Air Force base outside of Washington, D.C. After their historic mission, the team is likely to be honored—fittingly—in secret. The Navy has not yet confirmed that the SEALs carried out the mission, but Rear Adm. Edward Winters sent an email congratulating his forces and reminding them to keep quiet. In order to honor the SEALs involved, the Navy will have to figure out who did what, and then write a letter outlining their achievements. Then the immediate commanding officer will present the honors to the team. The entire process could take many months. As the mission went almost perfectly, the soldiers involved will receive the military’s highest honors. However, those involved will not be eligible to receive the $25 million reward for hunting down bin Laden because they are military personnel.