NBC Obtains Video of Charlotte Police Shooting Keith Lamont Scott

The family of the man fatally shot by police in Charlotte provided video of the encounter to NBC News on Friday. The video was recorded on a cellphone and narrated by Keith Lamont Scott’s wife, Rakeyia. The Charlotte Police Department has not yet released its own dashcam footage, which is reported to more clearly show the confrontation. Scott’s wife can be heard telling police officers in the video, “Don’t shoot him. He has no weapon,” warning them that he had just taken his medication for a disability. She also repeatedly tells her husband to get out of the vehicle. After officers fired, Rakeyia Scott shouted at them: “He better be alive.” A total of four shots rung out. The release of the cellphone footage comes as there are conflicting accounts over whether Scott was holding a weapon. Police said Scott posed an “imminent, deadly threat” to the responding officers.