Neo-Nazi Accused of Killing Heather Hayer Said ‘It Doesn't F*cking Matter’ That She Died: Report

James Alex Fields, the reputed neo-Nazi who allegedly ran over and killed counter-protester Heather Heyer at the violent Charlottesville riot last year, reportedly said “it doesn't fucking matter” that she died. According to a recording of a December 2017 phone call to his mother from jail, Fields referred to Hayer as “that one girl who died, or whatever,” BuzzFeed News reports. Fields also reportedly told his mother the grieving of Hayer’s mother did not "matter" because she was “one of those anti-white Communists.” When Fields’ mother—Samantha Bloom—told him that Hayer’s mother just “lost her daughter,” Fields showed no remorse, according to the report.“It doesn't fucking matter. She's a communist,” Fields was quoted as saying, adding that “she's the enemy, mother.” In another phone call to his mother, Fields reportedly said he was “mobbed by a violent group of terrorists and jailed for defending [his] person” when he drove into a crowd of counter-protesters during the Unite the Right rally. He also reportedly told Bloom he thought people in the crowd were “carrying ISIS flags in support of the terrorist group.”