Neo-Nazi Group Targets FL Gubernatorial Candidate Andrew Gillum With Racist Robocalls

Florida Democratic gubernatorial candidate Andrew Gillum was targeted by a neo-Nazi group in a racist robocall campaign that refers to him as a “negro,” HuffPost reports. In the Tuesday call to Florida voters, a voice pretending to be Gillum says healthcare will be cheap because he will give “chicken feet to people as medicine,” and claims Jewish people will vote for him because they put black people in power after the Civil War. The call also features spiritual music in the background and occasional monkey screeches. The ad says it was paid for by, which is reportedly a “white supremacist website and podcast based in Idaho.” The group reportedly sent out another racist robocall against Gillum in August during the Democratic primary, and has been linked to robocalls in “Virginia, Oregon, California, Idaho, Iowa and Pennsylvania.” This comes after Gillum faced racist comments throughout his campaign—including one instance in which his opponent, Rep. Ron DeSantis (R-FL), told voters not to “monkey” the election up by voting for Gillum.