Netanyahu and E1: He Must Be a Double Agent

Netanyahu's E1 plan--working overtime to alienate the few remaining allies.

Okay, I went after Hamas and the Palestinians pretty hard a couple of times in recent weeks, but now it's Netanyahu's turn. This announcement about building the E1 settlement development is madness. This development would close off East Jerusalem from the West Bank and split the West Bank in two, making the two parts accessible to each other via a road through the desert that doesn't exist yet. This is in supposed retaliation for the recent UN vote.

In other words, Israel will, with this construction, cut the future Palestinian state in half. Ban Ki-Moon said yesterday: "It would represent an almost fatal blow to remaining chances of securing a two-state solution."

To give you a little more perspective here, George W. Bush's administration was against this project. Even Rahm Emanuel, as AIPAC-friendly as they come, called Netanyahu's recent behavior "unfathomable."

It's breathtaking. He's working overtime to alienate his few remaining allies. It's almost as if Netanyahu is a double agent secretly dedicated to Israel's destruction. And this madness is going to win the election early next year? Good God. And finally, according to our neocon war caucus, we're supposed to let this guy bomb Iran, eh?