New Jersey Superintendent Who Repeatedly Defecated on High School Athletic Field Sues Over Mug Shot Release

A former New Jersey school superintendent who pleaded guilty to defecating on another high school's track is suing the local police department for releasing his mug shot. Thomas Tramaglini claimed in a lawsuit filed Tuesday that police violated his constitutional rights by taking the picture and then releasing it to news outlets. The suit seeks unspecified monetary damages. “Nearly a year after his ordeal began, today Dr. Tramaglini fights back against the police misconduct that has altered his life forever,” his attorney, Matthew Adams, said Wednesday. “He is severely underemployed and is fighting for any semblance of normalcy he can create for himself and his family.” Adams argued that state law prevents police from taking and releasing mug shots of people charged with low-level offenses. Tramaglini pleaded guilty to one count of defecating under the bleachers, paid a $500 fine, and stepped down from his role as superintendent. Adams maintains the act—which allegedly happened repeatedly—was a medical emergency.