'New Moon' Scenes Leaked at Com-Con

The hordes of fantasy-loving geeks who've swarmed this year's Com-Con convention in San Diego grew even larger Thursday. The stars of New Moon, the highly anticipated Twilight sequel, were in the house, posing for photos and dishing about their upcoming film. Most notably, the cast revealed that Edward Cullen, the hunky vampire played by Robert Pattinson in Twilight, didn't have much of a role in the book-version of New Moon, but the film's director, Chris Weitz, decided there needed to be more of the heartthrob in the film. Pattinson’s now inserted throughout in a series of "hallucination" sequences, the cast says. While in the book, Bella, played by Kristen Stewart, hears Cullen's voice, in the movie, she sees him, too. "It's more effective," Stewart says. The cast also unveiled a new scene where actor Taylor Lautner's Jacob Black teaches Stewart's Bella to ride a dirt bike.