New NSC Official Fred Fleitz Urged Deportation of U.S. Muslims Who Follow Islamic Law

John Bolton’s pick to be his new chief of staff at the National Security Council co-authored a paper that argued American Muslims who follow Islamic law should be deported and stripped of citizenship. Fred Fleitz has been arguing for a decade that that American Muslims who observe shariah don’t deserve the protections of the First Amendment. In a 2015 paper, the Center for Security Policy, where Fleitz served as senior vice president, published a paper co-authored by him that argued the government should “use shariah-adherent advocacy and practices as legal premises for deportation and stripping of American citizenship.” The report went on: “[The government] must revoke the citizenship of naturalized Americans who, in seeking to insinuate shariah-compliant norms into civil society, have violated their oath of naturalization and allegiance to defend the Constitution of the United States.”