Best Foot Forward

New Pippa Tip Takes On The Best Way Of Walking

Chris Jackson/Getty

When you tire of reading the Monica Lewinsky piece in Vanity Fair this month, it’s surely good to know you can turn to Pippa Middleton for some hard-hitting advice on surviving the Royal Enclosure at Ascot.“It is a busy day trying to fit in horse racing, betting, picnics, and afternoon tea — oh, and avoiding sinking your heels into the grass,” she writes.

“Some picnics are really elaborate, with white tablecloths and even real butlers!”


The best news is that there's even one of her legendary tips: “I recommend wedged shoes — there’s often a lot of walking.”

It’s not quite up there with “Turkeys are perfect for feeding larger gatherings,” but it’s not bad. @pippatips would be proud.