New Plastic Surgeries: Vampire Fillers, Fat Transfers and More

Put away your Botox. Out-there cosmetic innovations, from “vampire filler” to trampoline necklifts, are taking over Hollywood. Gina Piccalo talks to plastic surgeons about the latest.

Conspicuous aging, as any good paparazzo can attest, is a rapidly dying art form. Wrinkles and age spots, jowls and dimpled derrieres are strictly for iconoclasts and those who cannot afford to engage the universe of procedures available to eradicate them. And in the last decade, it seems, almost everyone has been able to afford a little work thanks to fillers and the wonders of Botox. But according to some doctors to the stars, even those procedures are on their way out.

I surveyed some of Hollywood’s top dermatologists and plastic surgeons on their favorite cosmetic innovations. And though they rarely agreed on the best techniques or tools, they shared some methods they’ve mastered to keep their celebrity clientele looking young—and a few procedures they see coming on the horizon.

Gallery: Cosmetic Procedures

Gina Piccalo is a senior writer at The Daily Beast. She spent a decade at the Los Angeles Times covering Hollywood and is also a former contributing writer for Los Angeles Magazine. Her work has appeared in Elle, More and Emmy. She can be found at

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