New Sterling Ex Says He’s Racist

Donald Sterling’s attempts at being a ladies man all seem to spectacularly backfire. We all know how his attempts to woo V. Stiviano worked out, and now an ex-girlfriend has filed a suit against Sterling, accusing him of racial discrimination and sexual harassment. Maiko Maya King alleged in a suit filed Monday that she dated the Los Angeles Clippers owner from 2005 to 2011. She was also employed by him, during which time he spewed “a steady stream of racially and sexually offensive comments” toward her. King claims that Sterling made racist comments to try to get her to leave her husband, who is black. He also made assorted racist remarks, including, “Black people do not take care of their children. All they do is sit at home and smoke dope,” and “Mexicans just do drive-by shootings.” She also said Sterling “dangled money only if she would have sex with him” and offered monetary reward to “help him to perform sexually.” Charming.