New Yorkers: Your Advice Is Needed!

Andrew Sullivan is none too happy with New York City after his recent move. Will you tell him how it gets better?

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The Daily Beast's Andrew Sullivan recently moved from Washington, D.C. to the concrete pastures of New York City—and he isn't adjusting all that well.

Time Warner cable is being a pain (get used to it). His iPhone is "suddenly iffy." A couch delivery store brought the wrong couch. Same with Best Buy and a TV. And "just to walk a few blocks requires barging your way through a melee of noise and rudeness and madness."

But as all New Yorkers know—it gets better! The question, Andrew has, is how? And when?

So tell him, Beast readers, the joys of New York City, and share any tips you've gathered over the years (Move to Brooklyn. Always carry cash.) that might help him adjust to life in the big city.

Use the form below to submit your advice! We'll publish our favorite submissions on the Beast later this week.